$23 Honey-Can-Do GAR-01123 Garment Rack with Adjustable Bar and Stee Home Kitchen Storage Organization Honey-Can-Do,/creators,with,Bar,Garment,shipknot.one,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,GAR-01123,Stee,$23,Rack,Adjustable,and Honey-Can-Do,/creators,with,Bar,Garment,shipknot.one,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,GAR-01123,Stee,$23,Rack,Adjustable,and $23 Honey-Can-Do GAR-01123 Garment Rack with Adjustable Bar and Stee Home Kitchen Storage Organization Financial sales sale Honey-Can-Do GAR-01123 Garment Rack with Stee and Bar Adjustable Financial sales sale Honey-Can-Do GAR-01123 Garment Rack with Stee and Bar Adjustable

Financial Ranking TOP9 sales sale Honey-Can-Do GAR-01123 Garment Rack with Stee and Bar Adjustable

Honey-Can-Do GAR-01123 Garment Rack with Adjustable Bar and Stee


Honey-Can-Do GAR-01123 Garment Rack with Adjustable Bar and Stee

Product description

Honey-Can-Do GAR-01123 Chrome Garment Rack. The perfect solution for those that need extra hanging storage space, this attractive and functional garment rack is a nice addition to any laundry room, bedroom, or foyer. Sitting on commercial quality casters, the rack rolls smoothly from room to room. Features an adjustable hanging bar that raises to accommodate long dresses or coats and extends in width for extra hanging space. Withstands a maximum hanging weight of 75-pounds. Rack is 19-inches deep(front to back), and adjusts from 38 to 57-inch wide and from 45 to 70-inch tall.

Honey-Can-Do GAR-01123 Garment Rack with Adjustable Bar and Stee

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