CHENMAO Steam Hanging Ironing Machine Household Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Double Band Rod $226 CHENMAO Steam Hanging Ironing Machine Household Double Rod Band Home Kitchen Irons Steamers Ironing,$226,Household,Machine,,CHENMAO,Hanging,Rod,Band,Double,Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,Steam,/government-solution-events/5g-to-xg-us-defense-symposium Ironing,$226,Household,Machine,,CHENMAO,Hanging,Rod,Band,Double,Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,Steam,/government-solution-events/5g-to-xg-us-defense-symposium $226 CHENMAO Steam Hanging Ironing Machine Household Double Rod Band Home Kitchen Irons Steamers CHENMAO Steam Hanging Ironing Machine Household Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Double Band Rod

CHENMAO Large-scale sale Steam Hanging Ironing Machine Household Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Double Band Rod

CHENMAO Steam Hanging Ironing Machine Household Double Rod Band


CHENMAO Steam Hanging Ironing Machine Household Double Rod Band

Product description

Technology: Flexhead
Fast wrinkle removal continuous steam: up to 40 g / min
Power: up to 2000 Watts
Heating time: lt;; 1 min
Adjustable steam volume: 5 gear voltage: 220 V easy to
Safe for use on all ironable fabrics: even fine fabrics such as silk can be ironed with ease
Tank capacity: 1800 ml separate tank suspension and locking function
Hose length: 1.3m
Power cord length: 1.6m

CHENMAO Steam Hanging Ironing Machine Household Double Rod Band

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