$30 Banner of the Stars II - Hunters (Vol. 1) Movies TV Genre for Featured Categories Banner of the Stars Ranking TOP1 II 1 - Vol. Hunters $30 Banner of the Stars II - Hunters (Vol. 1) Movies TV Genre for Featured Categories Stars,(Vol.,of,shipknot.one,1),the,II,/info_page/legal-notices,Movies TV , Genre for Featured Categories,$30,-,Hunters,Banner Stars,(Vol.,of,shipknot.one,1),the,II,/info_page/legal-notices,Movies TV , Genre for Featured Categories,$30,-,Hunters,Banner Banner of the Stars Ranking TOP1 II 1 - Vol. Hunters

Banner of the Stars Ranking TOP1 II 1 - Vol. Limited price Hunters

Banner of the Stars II - Hunters (Vol. 1)


Banner of the Stars II - Hunters (Vol. 1)

Editorial Reviews


"Hunters" begins the 10-part second sequel to Crest of the Stars (1999), based on the sci-fi novel by Hiroyuki Morioka. The Abh Empire continues its expansion, conquering the planets of United Mankind. Lafiel is now Territorial Ambassador, organizing Abh rule over newly conquered worlds, with Jinto as her assistant. The prison colony Lobnas system presents thorny problems: four different groups with conflicting demands claim to represent the legitimate government. The filmmakers introduce a lot of characters in a short time, not only the Lobnasians, but various Abh officers, and Lafiel's younger brother Duhiel: anyone who hasn't watched both previous series will have trouble sorting them out. In the extras, Morioka writes "it's so profound" to hear Lafiel and Jinto speak Abh in the opening scenes; viewers may think they set the language incorrectly. (Rated 13 and older: violence, brief nudity, risqué humor, alcohol use) --Charles Solomon

Banner of the Stars II - Hunters (Vol. 1)

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