201 Viton FKM O-Ring Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ 70A Shore Black of Sterling 500 Seal Pack 201 Viton FKM O-Ring Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ 70A Shore Black of Sterling 500 Seal Pack 500,shipknot.one,$42,Seal,Sterling,Black,,201,O-Ring,(Pack,Shore,/info_page/media,Industrial Scientific , Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin,of,Viton/FKM,70A $42 201 Viton/FKM O-Ring 70A Shore Black, Sterling Seal (Pack of 500 Industrial Scientific Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin $42 201 Viton/FKM O-Ring 70A Shore Black, Sterling Seal (Pack of 500 Industrial Scientific Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin 500,shipknot.one,$42,Seal,Sterling,Black,,201,O-Ring,(Pack,Shore,/info_page/media,Industrial Scientific , Hydraulics, Pneumatics Plumbin,of,Viton/FKM,70A

201 Viton FKM O-Ring Financial sales sale Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ 70A Shore Black Sterling 500 Seal Pack

201 Viton/FKM O-Ring 70A Shore Black, Sterling Seal (Pack of 500


201 Viton/FKM O-Ring 70A Shore Black, Sterling Seal (Pack of 500

Product description

Black Viton/FKM is a fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber compound with amazing capabilities, designed to withstand even the most challenging of environments. Have excellent resistance to high temperature, ozone, weather, oxygen, mineral oil, fuels, hydraulic fluids, and aromatics; It is a co-polymer based compound that has a broad chemical resistance and good compression set values.

201 Viton/FKM O-Ring 70A Shore Black, Sterling Seal (Pack of 500

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