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Jay Strongwater Kong Figurine Gorilla Pave Import Max 56% OFF

Jay Strongwater Kong Pave Gorilla Figurine


Jay Strongwater Kong Pave Gorilla Figurine

Product description

Proudly patrolling the premise is our Pave Gorilla Figurine - Kong - the king of the jungle. With thousands of hand-set Swarovksi crystals in shades of gold and topaz, you could say this is a golden back gorilla. Celebrate 25 years of Jay Strongwater masterpieces with our herculean Kong Pave Gorilla Figurine.

  • Materials: Pewter, 14kt matte gold with light brown antique. Hand painted with enamel and hand-set with crystals. Handcrafted in our Rhode Island workshop.

  • Dimensions: 4.5" W x 9" D x 7.5" H

Jay Strongwater's designs are rooted in jewelry making and are reminiscent of beautiful, old-world opulence. Each piece is meticulously hand made and bejeweled with semi-precious stones, often requiring weeks to complete. All Jay Strongwater pieces are expertly handcrafted and are of exceptional, heirloom quality.

Jay Strongwater Kong Pave Gorilla Figurine

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